This is me.

My career path is uncommon; I started out as a biologist, working in research and development for both academia and the pharma industry, but I realized after some years that it wasn’t my passion and so I decided to risk it all and start over a new career in a totally different field.

I had a secret passion for interior design ever since I can remember. Growing up in Lisbon, my dream was to have the opportunity to breathe new life into the charming neglected old buildings in the city and transform them into beautiful spaces that could be enjoyed again in modern times.

After dropping the lab 6 years ago to fully invest in renovation, I renovated 5 homes, set up and managed 3 rental units, worked as a home critic for the Plum Guide for extraordinary homes in Lisbon, and recently graduated in interior design at the Lisbon School of Design.

Currently, I’m helping out with a renovation project, collaborating with Nest Seekers agency, searching for a new home to flip, and will soon be designing the dining area of a hotel in the center of Lisbon. I am excited to continue pursuing my passion for interior design and to create beautiful spaces that bring joy and inspiration to others.